Board Members Fall 2013-Spring 2014


Shannon Kim, President

Nickname(s): Shanana

What I Do As AGS President: I handle membership application, lead general club meetings and board meetings. I also oversee that all AGS activities and events follow through successfully by working with the school, our club adviser and our team of hardworking board members.
Member Since: Fall 2012
Major: Art
Goals: Become a successful artist, a role model, and a respected and loved leader of some sort in the future. I also want to share all that I gain whether that be wealth, knowledge, or love.
Hobbies: Anything art related.
Likes: Sweets, things to make stuff out of, talkative people, and playing.
Dislikes: Bad things.
Favorite Music: Mostly R&B and Jazz. Music with soul, or a beat. Or both. Have you heard of Janelle Monae?
Most Memorable AGS experience: Playing basketball with the club members and the kids at Commonwealth Elementary School.


Kent Nguyen, VP of Fundraising

What I do in AGS:I work with our board and other members to create new and beneficial fundraising events for our clubs. For me, it is important to make fundraising becomes a fun part of our clubs, where we can both earn money for scholarships and learn a lot from the fundraising events. I also adjust the budget, treasury, and handle the membership applications. Working as a part of AGS’s board, my goal is to collaborate and bring the best experience for every member of our club.
Member Since: Fall 2012
Major: Biology
Goals: Become a doctor in order to serve our community. I also want to become a musician and a pianist as music is my passion.
Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, playing the piano, singing along, watching movies, creating music, exploring new places, graphic designing.
Likes: “The Rose”, sleeping all day, cartoon, Gelato Ice cream, concerts, talking about stupid stuffs, science geek
Dislike: early morning classes, hot weather, my weight, my bad accent (meh =/)
Favorite Music: Obviously Yiruma’s, and other types of Piano Tribute Players. I also like old style pop (Westlife, Back Street Boys,…), Jazz, and Mozart.
Most Memorable AGS experience: Doing art projects with Commonwealth Elementary Schools kids, as well as their play. I love the feeling of helping the kids out, which makes me feel a little bit more of a responsible person. It also makes me feel being back to my childhood again!

Photo of Self

Shirley Lee, VP of Outreach

What I Do in AGS: I plan volunteer events for you guys to go to. I try to make sure there are  a variety of events that interest members. Hopefully these events make it easier for club members to get volunteer experience and volunteer hours without having to schedule it on their own. I also help AGS members increase their leadership experience by providing them an opportunity to do their very own leadership projects.
Member Since: Fall 2012
Major: Anthropology
Goals: I want to understand people and try to be culturally relative as I’m doing it. As for academic goals, I hope to get a Bachelor’s degree in anthropology, transfer to UCI, and figure out my career.
Hobbies: playing with my dogs and sisters, practicing airbending
Likes: fettuccini alfredo, chocolate, chai tea, little kid books like Deltora Quest and Percy Jackson, warmth, pastel gray-blue, my dogs, Totoro
Dislikes: seeing those scary movie trailers on YouTube when I’m only trying to listen to some peaceful music
Favorite Music: Lord of the Rings music, instrumental music, and more
Most Memorable AGS Experience: We were doing an art project with the kids at Commonwealth Elementary School. This was my second time there and I saw a kid that I remembered. I helped him create his clay pot a couple Saturdays ago. I go up to help him with the snowflake we are making this time and he asks why my sister isn’t here with us today. I told him she was busy and couldn’t make it for this project. It surprised that he was concerned for my sister and he remembered us. I couldn’t believe that this kid remembered me out of all the other people he must have met and seen that week when I only spent four hours helping him out on a simple art project. It made me feel like we really were serving as role models for those children and that we have really influenced their lives as they have influenced ours.

2013-04-26 10.56.45

Sam Niknejad, Secretary

What I Do In AGS: I take care of the emails and manage club membership.
Member Since: Fall 2012
Major: Computer Science
Goals: My goal with AGS is to follow in the footsteps of the wonderful board members before me and have another great semester giving back to the community with my fellow colleagues . I’d like to get to know all the new members and help make every event and every experience a memorable and fun endeavor alongside my newfound peers. My personal short term goal is to attain a BS in Computer Science and ultimately want to start a career in database programming.
Hobbies: I enjoy almost anything that involves the outdoors (hiking, jogging, swimming, playing basketball, soccer, hockey, dirt biking, skateboarding, snowboarding, etc… anything on a board really) also enjoy sleeping, reading, eating, cooking, family dinners, gaming, spending countless hrs on Reddit & YouTube, film and TV, discovering new music, researching, playing the drums, making beats, shooting pool with friends, and Schadenfreude
Likes: I like Louis CK…. I like confidence, people that feel good about themselves. It makes an individual beautiful and I for one like feeding off others energy…. Also, Louis CK…. Nice smiles, I’m a sucker for a nice smile or a pleasant or kind gesture such as a simple “good morning” or the act of opening a door for someone…. did I mention I like Louis CK!
Dislikes: Being rushed has to be my biggest pet peeve
Favorite Music: Where do I start?
Most Memorable AGS experience: I can’t really think of one particular experience with AGS since they’ve all been memorable in their own way. Being on the board is an experience within itself and I’m looking forward to many more.


Alex Vu, ICC Representative

What I Do In AGS: I am the voice of AGS. I attend ICC meetings every other Monday and interact with Fullerton College students to get involved and join AGS.
Member Since: Fall 2013
Major: Business Administration and CIS
Goals: graduate with a BA in Information System, to be successful and happy in life
Hobbies: sleeping, eating, listening to music, and watching my favorite television shows
Likes: being thankful to be alive and healthy
Dislikes: waiting
Favorite Music: mostly every type of genre
Most Memorable AGS experience: playing basketball with the kids from Commonwealth Elementary School and got asked from a little boy from the school if the mother could give me a lift to my house, I declined the offer; then he offered me a slim jim for a snack to eat while I wait for my ride to arrive; he made my day even better.


Leonard Winston, VP of Communications

Nicknames: Leo
What I Do in AGS: I run and manage the webpage, manage the facebook page, and manage and distribute the newsletter
Member Since: Fall 2012
Major: Computer Science and pursuing certificate in Music Production
Goals: I simply want to achieve a place where I can live comfortably in space that is conducive to joy and be free to express creativity to its full extent.  For AGS I would like to continue the proud tradition put in place by the last board and help provide a resource in this website that further promotes club unity and provide a record of the many achievements that we are sure to reach.
Hobbies: Composing, producing, and recording my own music, songwriting, collecting vinyl records (anything to do with music), computer programming, movie editing, riding my bike, watching good movies (love foreign films), watching cartoons, reading, and drawing
Likes: When music compliments the mood,  silence, laughter,  rain, desserts or sweets of any kind, Louis CK, surrealist art
Dislikes: Foods with odd textures, adulthood, reality television, bugs
Favorite Music: Mainly Hip Hop and Soul, I’m a huge Kendrick Lamar fan, but I listen to Indie rock, folk, R&B,, funk, jazz, metal, experimental, you name it I listen to it, my music library is colossal,  and I’m always open for suggestions 🙂
Most Memorable ΑΓΣ Experience: 2013 Banquet, Beach Fire Pit hangout, and working with with the kids at Commonwealth!


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