Recognition of High-Achieving Students

A lot of exciting things are going on- in AGS and here’s a list to name a few:
First, congratulations to the new staff of AGS! The previous staff did an exceptionally good job of leaving a great legacy for the new board members, and the new staff will strive to make AGS even better than it was last year! Here are the results for the AGS election:
 -President: Michelle Kim


-Secretary: Shannon Kim


-VP of Outreach: Shirley Lee


 -VP of Fundraising: Viola Ly


 -VP of Communications: Leonard Valencia


 -ICC Rep: Khahn Tran
Join the end of the year AGS banquet!

Everyone’s invited and if you didn’t RSVP yet, here’s alink to sign up.’s some general information:
-Location: 3100 Ocean Blvd, Newport Beach, CA 92660
-Time: 3:00pm- 9:00pm
-Date: June 1Note for those driving: Free parking is available.
For those who need a ride, please bring $5 for the driver.
The sign up for give or getting a ride is in the sign up link!
If you are bringing a guest, we are asking for a $5 donation per person, we will be collecting the $5 at the banquet.
All donations will benefit a special AGS member who is going through medical treatment, thank you.

Suggested items to bring:
-Sunscreen, hat, towel, swimsuits, sports equipment (volleyball, football, beach ball, Frisbee) and beach equipment (boogie board, buckets and shovels, beach chairs)

If you have any further questions please email us back! (<>)

Announcing our AGS Scholarship Recipients!

The winners of the Overall Outstanding Scholarship are Shirley Lee & Deanna Anelli!
The winner of the Club Involvement Scholarship is Stephanie Rodriquez!
The winners of the Volunteer Service Scholarship are Nayeli Rodriguez & Ken Nguyen!
The winners of the Leadership Scholarship are Joey Victor, Shannon Kim & Leonard Winston!
Congratulations to all who won! Please email us so that we can get your acceptance signature!<>
*Candidates must have completed and updated volunteer hours and club points by May 6th (last date to update points and hours for everyone)*

We would also like to congratulate our lifetime members:
Dang Dinh, Shannon Lochridge, Louis Wischnewsky, Veronica Escobar, Hye Jung Park, Deanna Anelli, Shirley Lee, Nayeli Rodriguez, Reysa Fiory, April Kinas, Ruben Velasco, Donald Vu, Cody Vank, Stephanie  Rodriguez, Holly Victor
Thank you guys for your love and participation and work over the semesters.
We wish for the best in your future endeavors!

We would like to congratulate everyone.

You guys all did a fantastic job making a difference on campus and in the community.
We are truly proud of our Alpha GammaSigma family!
Thank you AGS for such a wonderful year, we really hope to see all of you at the banquet.
Invite your friends and family to the banquet! It’s your day!
RSVP so that we know how much food we should prepare 🙂

Study hard for the finals guys!
We are almost done!

Best of luck on the finals and see you soon,
AGS Executive Board


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