The 28th Biannual Visiting Poet Event

The 28th Biannual Visiting Poet Event- featuring Constance Eggers, takes place on Wednesday, April 24 at 6:30 pm in the Campus Theatre.

They will have musical guest Justine Dorsey. All this is for bustling Fullerton College students that want to enjoy a nice change in pace. Here’s what the event has to offer. The event will feature poetry reading from some of Egger’s works that include her recent piece Reliquary. These works have also appeared in the Faultline, Jeopardy, The Seattle Review, The MacGuffin, Pudding, The Wilshire Review, Creative Transformation, and Soundings. There will also be special performance by Justine Dorsey, a recognized hit on youtube. All individuals are welcome to enjoy the performances. Finally by coming to the event you are also supporting individuals from Fullerton College as well! Tickets are $6.50 in the box office. Here’s their flyer.


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